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Strong Teens

Ages 13 to 20

Teens go through many complex physical and emotional changes. Strong Teens is here to support them — and you — during their journey into young adulthood.

Adolescent well-child visits

Through Strong Families, teens have access to unlimited adolescent well-child visits. They can establish good health habits, build relationships with providers and earn a free gift card. If your teen has not received a letter about the gift card, call Customer Service or talk to your provider during your visit.

YMCA wellness programs

The YMCA is a great partner for us and our members. Get discounted family memberships, enroll in fitness classes and apply for scholarships for swim and gymnastics classes.

Rogue Valley YMCA

Ashland YMCA

Reproductive health and more

Provider visits offer your teen a safe space to discuss a wide range of topics. In addition to general health care, your teen can learn about sexuality, reproduction and birth control, nutrition, mental health, personal safety and more.

Youth Advisory Council

Strong Teens participants can join our Youth Advisory Council. They’ll learn to make a difference through leadership training and community advocacy.

For more information, contact info@jacksoncareconnect.org.

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