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Dental health

Taking care of your teeth and gums is an important way to take care of your overall health. That’s why dental care is covered as part of your Jackson Care Connect benefits.

A list of dental benefits from the dental benefits handout

Finding a dentist

We partner with local dental plans so you can see the dentist with no cost to you. Your dental plan is listed on your Member ID card. They work with you to take care of your dental needs. Call them when you need dental care or have questions about oral health, before you seek emergency or urgent care. 

Your dentist:

  • Is your first contact when you need dental care, except in a life-threatening emergency like uncontrollable bleeding.
  • Arranges for specialty dental care, if you need it.
  • Keeps your dental records and knows your oral health best, so they can offer the best advice even in an emergency.

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Who should see a dentist? Everyone! But regular dental care is most important for people who are pregnant, have diabetes or other chronic conditions, and children.

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Why is it important for children to see the dentist?

Healthy teeth are part of a healthy body! Learn how to help your kids have good oral health habits with our brochure. Click on the language of your choice to download:

Dental health plans

We have three dental care plans that we partner with. You will be assigned to one of these three. They are:

  • Advantage Dental Services
  • Capitol Dental
  • ODS

You’ll find your dental plan assignment on your Jackson Care Connect Member ID card. The information is also on the coverage letter the state sends you. If you’re assigned to a dental plan under Jackson Care Connect and would like to be assigned to another plan, contact Customer Service at 541-500-0567 or toll-free at 855-722-8208 (TTY 711).


Choosing a primary care dentist (PCD)

Once you are assigned to a dental plan, you’ll need to choose a clinic or dental office as your primary care dentist (PCD). Your PCD will work with you to take care of your dental needs. Call your PCD before getting any dental care.

To coordinate your dental care, your dentist will:

  • Be your first contact when you need dental care, except in a life-threatening emergency.
  • Arrange for specialty dental care, if you need it.
  • Keep your dental records in one place to give you better service.

Below is contact information for the three dental plans that partner with Jackson Care Connect. You may choose a PCD from your dental plan’s provider directory, found on their website. Or, call them and they will help arrange your first appointment with a PCD.

Advantage Dental Service

Provider directory
Customer Service: 866-268-9631
TTY: 711

Capitol Dental Care

Provider directory
Customer Service: 800-525-6800
TTY: 711


Provider directory
Customer Service: 800-342-0526
TTY: 503-243-3958 or 800-466-6313