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Language services

Scheduling with our approved vendors

Thank you for working with interpreters to serve members who communicate in a language other than English. Our approved vendors are listed below. Click on a vendor to learn more about their services, access scheduling resources, and find contact information.

Available for on-site, video and telephonic

Online scheduling Click create new appointment


Phone: On-site: 503-234-0068

For over-the-phone interpretation AND virtual (OPI and VRI): 503-505-5187 (Available 24/7)

Translation: Email documents to

Available for on-site, video and telephonic


Online portal:


Phone: 503-265-8515, option 1, option 1 again

Fax: 503-954-1038


Specialty: American Sign Language (ASL) and other sign languages

Available for on-site and video

Online scheduling portal: (Please CALL 24/7 to schedule an interpreter.)


Phone: 503-932-8460

Fax: 866-411-9742

Available for on-site, video and telephonic

Phone: 503-213-3191, option 1

Fax: 971-228-2164

Have questions? Call Provider Customer Service at 800-224-4840, option 3. We’re here to help.

Language resources for providers

Our goal is to help you and members get the interpreting services that meet your needs. Your facility may find these resources to be useful. 

Our expectations for interpreting services

All contracted Jackson Care Connect providers must make interpreting services available to Jackson Care Connect members. Services must be available during and after hours for consultation and provision of care. While interpreting services can be scheduled with short notice, to ensure coverage, please schedule as soon as a member makes an appointment.

Interpreting services should be performed by certified and qualified interpreters. The interpreters may be on-staff or scheduled through a Jackson Care Connect -approved vendor. They may operate on-site, over the phone or via computer screen. Interpreting should not be provided by a member of the patient's family. Members should never be asked to bring their own interpreter.

Occurrences for which Jackson Care Connect covers interpreting services

  • Onsite medical, dental or behavioral health appointments
  • Scheduling or rescheduling appointments
  • Appointment reminders
  • Appointment follow-ups
  • Relaying test results
  • Registration for procedures/admissions

Use only our approved vendors

Jackson Care Connect pays for interpreting services so that members can access their covered health care services and benefits. We have contractual arrangements with approved vendors. Please use them when serving Jackson Care Connect members. (Be sure to verify that your patient is covered by the Oregon Health Plan.) See “How to schedule no-cost interpreting.”

If providers choose to coordinate interpreting services themselves rather than through Jackson Care Connect, they are responsible for paying for those services. Jackson Care Connect pays only for interpreting services that providers coordinate through our approved vendors.

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