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Spring Conference session descriptions

Welcome message from the CEO

Welcome to our 2024 Spring Conference! This year marks our first post-pandemic Spring Conference, and we’re excited to relaunch the event and take this time to reconnect. While the last few years have brought many challenges, there is also much to celebrate. Thank you for all the ways you have risen to meet our community’s needs in innovative and dynamic ways.

Throughout the conference you’ll find sessions that speak to the needs in our community now, including our network’s vital needs around self-care. In addition to provider wellness, you’ll learn about culturally responsive services, behavioral health and legislative updates. We hope you leave the conference with new connections, new tools on taking care of yourself and your team, and the latest updates on caring for members.

Jackson Care Connect coordinates Oregon Health Plan services for more than 60,000 members in Jackson County, and we’re committed to working with you to improve the health and well-being of our community. As always, we are grateful for your commitment to Jackson Care Connect members. Thanks so much for your partnership.

Jennifer Lind
CEO, Jackson Care Connect

Spring Conference 2024 - session descriptions

View the session description for each day below. Click on a presenter's name top see their bio, or visit the Spring Conference presenter bios web page to view bio information on all of this year's presenters.

Pre-conference - Thursday April 18

9 a.m. sessions

The pre-conference offers three unique panel sessions with critical updates and a Q&A about new and expanding levels of care, including successful models that promote workforce wellness. The panels include clinical providers, community-based organizations, and celebrations of recovery and self-care.



Doug Diehl, MD Addictions Recovery Center
Josh Ferreira ColumbiaCare Services
Kerri Hecox, MD Oasis of the Rogue Valley
Justine Pope, MPH Boulder Care
Sommer Wolcott, MS, LPC, CRC OnTrack Rogue Valley


Jonathan Duncan, CRM II, CADC-R HIV Alliance
Beth Jaffee-Stafford, MA, LMFT Family Nurturing Center
Cheyenne Nichols Maslow Project
Julia Pinsky & Seraphina Pinsky Max's Mission
Gaelen Thurow Compass House


Joseph Chick, MBA, MA ColumbiaCare Services
Amber Duncan Addictions Recovery Center
Dustin Fortado, CRM II  Pathfinders
Stephanie Mendenhall Reclaiming Lives
Ashley Silver, CADC-R, QMHA-RLa Clinica

Learn what the Cow Creek Health & Wellness Center provides for the community and its scope of work in engaging with an overall lifestyle of well-being.



Jennifer Bryant
Ben Steward
Whitney Yeust, CADC

The Advancing the Practice workshop builds on the skills and tools of Motivational Interviewing introduced in the two-day introductory workshop and incorporates components of Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity (MITI), a validated MI coding tool which can be used to help practitioners evaluate their own skill development. 


Arlene Dalcin, MS, RDN, LDN 

This session focuses on core concepts for primary care transformation such as engaged leadership and team-based care. This session will highlight the value of supporting the team-based care framework as we attempt to reduce burnout, increase team involvement and foster clinic and patient relationships by allowing each team member to contribute meaningfully. 


Lexy Kliewer, LCSW CareOregon
Christia Bactista, LCSW Jackson Care Connect
Jordan Edwards, BSHCA, CCMA Jackson Care Connect

4 p.m. Choose from end of day options to connect with fellow conference attendees

Pair up for a short walk and share a story with a colleague. This facilitated exercise is designed to promote wellness in our work.


Amy King, PhD

Unwind with colleagues. Enjoy music and open networking.

Main conference - Friday April 19

9 a.m. sessions

This interactive training will:

  • Cover introductory concepts related to aspects of identity, power and privilege
  • Explore some of the complexities to working with transgender and non-binary clients
  • Discuss barriers that clients may face when interacting with insurance, the health care system and society at large
  • Discuss what resources and information can be helpful in addressing these obstacles

Everett Redente, LCSW, CADC I CareOregon

Come hear the latest legislative issues affecting health care, with a focus on palliative care, housing, CCO impacts and equity perspectives on public policy.

Julie Gillis, Moderator
Kelly Ambrose, BSN, RN, CHPN Housecall Providers
Michelle Glass, MIM SO-Health-E
Pam Marsh Oregon House Representative, 5th district
Jeremiah Rigsby, JD CareOregon

In this 90-minute, interactive workshop, participants will learn The Performance Stress Model as a way of understanding and reconciling our collective stress since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. We will discuss sources of stressors including individual, professional and systemic, and discover ways to communicate where we’re at on a continuum. Importantly, we’ll discuss how to manage the complexity of these stresses. Participants will leave with tools to reduce overwhelm and prevent further burnout. Time for questions and small group discussion will be provided. 


Amy King, PhD

Join an interactive share-out by the Jackson Care Connect team to inform our behavioral health strategy for the local recovery-oriented system of care.

Presenters – Jackson Care Connect staff:

Julia Jackson, LPC
Maig Tinnin
Leona Evans
Darin Dale, LCSW
Cliff Juno
Rob Reinhardt, BS, MBA, RPh
Chedric Monahan, LCSW

10:45 a.m. sessions

Before we can help others to create their own regulation and resilience, we have to know how to create ours. In this workshop we will focus on the power of tuning in to ourselves and our internal wisdom so we can be better prepared to do this important peer work. Presenters will share the 3R’s, research-supported resiliency builders that can help us reclaim our balance and focus so that we can be effective and impactful supporting others. They will also share their agency’s approach and tools to holistically support peer workers.


Dustin Fortado, CRM II The Pathfinder Network
Leticia Longoria-Navarro The Pathfinder Network

(The remedy for the toxic sting of the crown of thorns starfish is the crown of thorns starfish itself—Samoan proverb) 

This interactive training will cover introductory concepts related to aspects of identity, power and privilege, and will address the need for the work of the Samoa Pacific Development Corporation (SPDC). The presenters will discuss the work of SPDC and explain how the organization helps meet needs in the community. Participants will learn how they can partner on providing culturally appropriate services.


Olivia Bormann, CSWA, MSW, MA Samoa Pacific Development Corporation
Apaau Fuataga Samoa Pacific Development Corporation

An overview on the current science of alcohol consumption with an emphasis on alcohol use disorder and its causes. Pharmacologic, toxicologic, psychologic, and social consequences will be reviewed.


Darryl Inaba, Pharm D, CADC III, CATC-V Addictions Recovery Center

12:15 p.m. Keynote session

Dr. Amy King leads an inspiring plenary session focused on wellness for individuals and teams.

1:30 p.m. sessions

The Jackson County Suicide Coalition will host two concurrent Question Persuade Refer (QPR) trainings. *Limited to 70 participants total.


Angela Franklin, QMHA, EOLD Options for Southern Oregon
Jill Jeter Medford School District
Chedric Monahan, LCSW Jackson County Suicide Coalition and Jackson Care Connect

How do we show up committed to being affirming in our engagement? We invite you to experience dialogue centered on storytelling and modeling conversational approaches for disrupting deep generational and historical structures. Through our shared conversation, vulnerability, and courage, we can help inform the design and implementation of services for ALL communities.


Toc Soneoulay-Gillespie, MSW Office of Immigrant and Refugee Advancement, Oregon Department of Human Services
Erica Idso-Weisz, MS, LMFT Jackson Care Connect

Join Dr. Amy for a 90-minute workshop geared towards health care leaders. In this workshop, we'll discuss Dr. Amy’s research on workforce wellness, utilizing a model adapted from Maslow's Hierarchy and Penn State, meant to help leaders and staff thrive in health care. We'll review important findings on how “where” we start proves to be vitally important. There will be time in small groups to discuss how we track wellness and workplace incivility, and provide opportunities for affinity, feedback and growth. You'll leave with actionable tools you can implement right away!


Amy King, PhD

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