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Brian and Kelsi

Kelsi EyestoneJackson Care Connect member Brian’s experience with his care at Jackson Care Connect has exceeded his expectations. “It’s been a game changer for me to get health care,” he says.

Working with Jackson Care Connect Behavioral Health Care Coordinator Kelsi Eyestone has been especially valuable. Brian credits Kelsi’s combination of professionalism and consistency with her care and passion. He says, “I was blown away by her work…and I’m not that easy to impress.”

Kelsi helped Brian navigate his care, and get him successfully connected to a new health care provider. Brian says, “I am finally seeing a really good therapist to help me work through some challenges.”

The quality of care Brian is now receiving is what he’s long been looking for, and he notes that the level of high-quality providers is more than he expected from state-provided insurance.

Kelsi helped him get approval to be seen as often as he needs to over the next year, and Brian says this care is central to his overall success in life and in his career, as the owner of a local business.

“Health is fundamental to so many things,” he says. “That’s the kind of care I need—someone to help me build.”

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