Provider Portal

Providers can access patient eligibility, prior authorizations and claims/payment information through our Provider Portal. It makes it easy for you to:

  • Check detailed claim status.
  • Review remittance advices.
  • View authorizations on the detailed, line level.
  • Check detailed eligibility and member information, including primary care provider (PCP) assignment, other insurance and benefits.
  • Create and print PCP rosters.
  • Search and verify ICD-10, CPT, HCPC, revenue codes and modifiers.

Log in to CareOregon Connect:

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The first step is for your clinic administrator to register your organization:

  • Each organization is free to assign the administrator responsibility to the person(s) who best fits their needs.
  • The administrator manages and controls the administration of user access for your clinic, including adding and deleting users.
  • The administrator will have full security rights and can assign users different levels of access by selecting from a variety of pre-defined roles. For example: front desk staff may only need to see eligibility screens as they do not work with claims or authorizations. HIPAA rules tell us that access should be based on the minimum amount of information necessary for purposes of health care operations.
  • Each organization should also select a backup administrator.

Medical providers can also log in to our Provider Portal using OneHealthPort, an easy and secure way to access the provider sites of major local health plans.

Dental Providers must use CareOregon Connect for access to eligibility verification.

Please note: The Provider Portal is currently administered by CareOregon, a partner in Jackson Care Connect. Clicking the link above will take you away from this website.

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