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Scheduling an interpreter

Thank you for working with interpreters to help members who speak a language other than English. Below, you will find needed forms and information about how to schedule interpreters. If you have any questions, please call Provider Customer Service at 855-722-8208, option 3. 

Forms needed for interpretation


Resources for providers

To help ensure members get the interpretation services that are right for their needs, we’ve created materials you can place in your office: 

Language Access Materials Support



Information from our provider manual


All contracted Jackson Care Connect providers must make interpretation services available to Jackson Care Connect members.

Interpretation must be available during and after hours for consultation and provision of care.

Interpretation should be provided by certified or qualified interpreters who can be staff or a Jackson Care Connect-approved interpretation service either on site or over the telephone. Interpretation should not be provided by a member of the patient's family.

Jackson Care Connect’s interpretative services cover the following occurrences:

  • Onsite medical appointments
  • Appointment reminders
  • Scheduling or rescheduling appointments
  • Relaying test results
  • Registration for procedures/admissions

Jackson Care Connect pays for interpretation services for members’ medical appointments for covered services through our preferred vendors at no cost to the provider or member.

Jackson Care Connect approved interpretation vendors:

  • IRCO
  • Linguava
  • Passport to Languages (PTL)

To arrange for an interpreter to be present during an appointment, complete the Jackson Care Connect Interpreter Request form (links above).

Fax the form to the interpretation vendor at least two business days before the appointment:

  • Linguava: 503-954-1038
  • PTL: 503-297-1703

Providers can also access these vendors’ online systems to request and confirm an interpreter through an online portal:

The provider’s office will receive a fax or email from the interpretation vendor to confirm that interpreter arrangements are complete.

For urgent needs (less than 48-hour notice), call to arrange for an interpreter.

  • Linguava Customer Service: 503-265-8515
  • PTL Customer Service: 503-297-2707
  • IRCO Customer Service: 503-505-5187

IMPORTANT: Providers may choose to coordinate interpretation services themselves instead of through Jackson Care Connect. If so, the provider will be responsible for paying for interpretation services. Jackson Care Connect only pays for interpretation services coordinated through our approved vendors.


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