Community Health Improvement Plan

A Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) is a community-based blueprint for improving population health and health system performance. It lays out a long-term, strategic effort to address local health issues. It outlines ways organizations will help address the community's priorities for improving overall health and well-being.

The CHIP is developed after the Community Health Assessment (CHA) and is informed by those results. The CHA provides data and information to identify local health issues that are prioritized by the community. The CHIP is used to describe how local stakeholders will address the health priorities of the CHA.

Jackson Care Connect was involved in creating the 2019-2022 CHIP for Jackson and Josephine counties. That process was coordinated by the Jefferson Regional Health Alliance. The result is All In For Health, a community-wide initiative for Jackson and Josephine Counties. 

This progress report to the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) was submitted in June 2021, with updates on the work of Jackson Care Connect and our partners in each of the CHIP priority areas.

All In For Health identified three priorities: Housing For All, Behavioral Health & Well-Being, and Parenting Support & Life Skills 

Housing for all


  • Increase the number of people paying 30% or less of what they earn for housing.
  • Increase the number of people living in homes that are safe, accessible, and are easily served by community services


JCC invests in fire relief and affordable housing support (12/15/20)
Housing For All Action Plan (as of 8/18/20)


Behavioral health & well-being


  • Lessen the effects of trauma.
  • Help young people and older adults feel less alone.
  • Provide the community with ways to accept and help people who need behavioral health services.
  • Prevent use and misuse of substances.
  • Promote ways to reduce the harm that happens with mental health and substance use issues.
  • Improve access and coordination of care for people needing mental health and addiction services.


Behavioral Health Action Plan (as of 8/18/20)

Parenting support & life skills


  • Help families feel connected, cared for and strengthened.
  • Help families have access to safe, affordable and quality child care.
  • Increase access to food, including healthy food.
  • Assure community-based organizations work together to deliver coordinated services.


Families Matter Action Plan (as of 8/18/20)

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