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Jackson Care Connect will seek five-year Oregon Health Plan Medicaid services contract

Medford, Ore.— Jackson Care Connect announced today it has filed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to continue offering health care services to Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid) members as a Coordinated Care Organization in Jackson County.

CareOregon provides the Oregon Health Plan locally through Jackson Care Connect, a coordinated care organization that manages physical, behavioral and oral health for approximately 30,000 members in Jackson County.

Jackson Care Connect’s staff, its Board of Directors, Community Advisory Council and Clinical Advisory Panel members, are all located in Jackson County, and are composed of community members dedicated to providing coordinated care to OHP members.

Statewide, coordinated care organizations (CCOs) were required by February 1 to file a Letter of Intent to apply for the next round of CCO contracts, for five-year terms that commence January 1, 2020.

Jackson Care Connect has made major strides toward the true integration of physical, behavioral and oral health through a community-based model that adapts to the changing needs of the community in Jackson County.

“We take pride in our strong local connections that help us serve our community,” said Jennifer Lind, CEO of Jackson Care Connect. “Our partnerships with health care providers and community partners are helping us advance the goals of the coordinated care model.”

“With support from CareOregon, we have worked closely with our partners on designing innovative models to serve the unique needs of our members,” Lind said.

Jackson Care Connect’s partnerships with community organizations have also been key to its success.

“We will continue to seek creative solutions to invest in the whole health needs of our members with the support of organizations such as the YMCAs to support our members’ healthy connections,” Lind said.

“We look forward to working with OHA to build on our success in Jackson County, and plan to serve this community for the next five years and beyond.”

For information about Jackson Care Connect, contact Sara King Cole, 503-416-7791, or Elise Burke, 503-416-3736,

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