Oregon Prescription Drug Monitoring Program –Online Resource

The Oregon Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) is a tool to help health care providers and pharmacists provide patients better care by managing their prescriptions. It is an online resource available 24/7 that allows you and your designated staff to access a complete list of prescribed controlled substances dispensed to your patients by Oregon-licensed pharmacies. Providers, their delegated staff and pharmacists may register online to be authorized for an account to access information from the PDMP system.

The new standard of care for prescribing opioids includes a regular check of the PDMP to confirm appropriate use of these medications.

Senate Bill 470, passed during the 2013 Oregon legislative session, authorizes the following changes effective January 1, 2014:
  • Permits the PDMP to collect additional data (patient gender, days supplied, and refill data)
  • Permits prescribers and pharmacists to authorize delegated access to members of staff
  • Permits prescribers to review prescriptions dispensed under their own DEA number
  • Allows the State Medical Examiner and designees to access PDMP information for autopsies and death investigations
  • Authorizes prescribers in neighboring states (Wash., Idaho and Calif.) who treat Oregonians to access the Oregon PDMP
  • Allows public health authorities to use de-identified PDMP data
  • Makes additional PDMP information exempt from public records disclosure If you would like user support in signing up for the PDMP, visit www.orpdmp.com
If you are in Jackson County and need local assistance to sign up you or your designees, or if you need help with the required notarization, please contact Michele Schaefer at mschaefer66@gmail.com

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