Wellness Benefits


Jackson Care Connect members have access to many wellness benefits, which help throughout your health care journey. Read about the benefits below and click the links to learn more.

Starting Strong

Pregnant members and families with infants and kids up to age 4 can get vouchers from our local partners. These can be spent at the Starting Strong store. Click here to learn more.

Rogue Valley Family YMCA programs

Jackson Care Connect members have access to programs at little or no cost. Click here to learn more.

Pregnancy care

When you’re pregnant, you’re covered at no cost to you. This includes physical, dental and mental health, prenatal vitamins, vaccines, quitting tobacco and more. Click here for pregnancy care.

Pain management services

We now offer:

  • Acupuncture. Prior authorization is required. Providers are reimbursed for covered services. Click here to search for providers.
  • Chiropractic care. No authorization is required for evaluation, regardless of diagnosis. Authorization is required for treatment. Click here to search for providers.
  • Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and osteopathic manipulative therapy. No authorization is required for evaluation. No authorization is required for treatment services with “above the line” diagnosis. It is required for “below the line” diagnosis with up to five treatments covered. Click here to search for providers.

Traditional Health Workers

Jackson Care Connect members can access licensed traditional health workers (THWs) at no cost. THWs are public health professionals who work in a community or clinic under a health provider. THWs have personal experience and training in their fields of expertise. There are five types of THWs licensed in Oregon:

  • Doulas are birth companions who provide personal, nonmedical support to families. Doulas help through pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.
  • Peer support specialists give support services to people who are or have been in mental health or substance use treatment.
  • Peer wellness specialists have personal experience with psychiatric conditions and intensive training. The specialist is part of a home health team that integrates mental health and primary care.
  • Personal health navigators provide tools to help patients make the best health care choices.
  • Community health workers are public health workers who are trusted members of a community and have a close understanding of it.

THWs are a free benefit to you. To get connected with one, call Customer Service.

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