Community Health Improvement Plan Grant Awards 2017

Child Care Resource Network                                                                            
Amount: $49,541

Project Name: Let’s Go! Promoting Health and Fitness in Early Learning Programs

Description: This project supports child care providers in Jackson County with a research-based health and fitness program called Let’s Go! The program addresses the serious issues of childhood obesity, lack of physical fitness and excess screen time. It engages children and families in a year-long effort to learn about and adopt healthy habits through interactive, fun activities. Let’s Go! includes a toolkit and resources to support educators who work with infants and preschool-aged children.

Children's Advocacy Center                                      
Amount: $26,500

Project Name: Treatment Program for Youth with Problematic Sexual Behaviors

Description: The Children’s Advocacy Center will design a new collaborative approach to treating youth with unhealthy social behaviors. The Center will develop a program for the response and referral process in Jackson County, and will hire a consultant to create a working team of providers for youth and their families. The team will consist of Children’s Advocacy Center therapists and multi-disciplinary team members.

Family Nurturing Center                                                                 
Amount: $50,000

Project Name: Early Therapeutic Classrooms                                             

Description: This project enhances the Family Nurturing Center’s therapeutic early education programs with a family “learning lab.” It will also support the professional development of early educators as social workers. The overriding goal is to reduce the lifetime effects of adverse experiences on children’s present and future health.

Amount: $10,000

Project Name: Grandmas2Go Rogue Valley Launch

Description: Family coaches will match pregnant women and new parents with “trained and trusted” volunteers who mentor, nurture and support families during the critical formative years of childhood brain growth — from pregnancy to preschool.

Kid Time                                                                                         
Amount: $10,000

Project Name: The Bus is Us

Description: Participants in this project attend a wide array of early learning activities that promote healthy socio-emotional development, school readiness, creativity, brain growth and more. The program incorporates music, physical activity, art and literature. Some participants are provided transportation on a regularly scheduled basis with The Bus is Us.

Kids Unlimited                                                                               
Amount: $36,888

Project Name: Trauma Informed Care and Interventions within Kids Unlimited Academy

Description: For this project, Kids Unlimited will hire a bilingual/bicultural Skills Trainer/Case Manager to work within the Kids Unlimited Academy charter school’s Behavior Systems team. The goal is to provide students in need of support with Social Skills Training and structured Case Management. This new position will also work with families to make sure that the children’s work is supported at home.

Maslow Project                                                                               
Amount: $25,000

Project Name: Expanding Access to Prevention Services for Homeless Latino/Hispanic Youth and Families

Description: This project focuses on service integration. Maslow’s bilingual/bicultural Case Manager links youth and parents to utility, shelter, transitional and permanent housing options, as well as legal aid and emergency support services (domestic violence, sex abuse and mental health). The Case Manager also provides ongoing referrals to medical and dental services.

Rose Circle Mentoring Network                                                                        
Amount: $25,000

Project Name: Youth Mentoring

Description: This project will increase the amount of quality mentoring for at-risk youth in the Rogue Valley, using mentors with diverse experiences, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. The Rose Circle Mentoring Network serves youth in Jackson County who have been identified by a school counselor or other community partner as “at-risk” and/or those who are experiencing a lack of social connectedness and supportive relationships in their lives. Most of these children are at or near federal poverty levels, have struggled with academic or behavioral challenges and have endured one or more adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).

Table Rock Elementary & RCH School Based Health Center                  
Amount: $50,000

Project Name: Trauma Focused Skills

Description: Table Rock Elementary is working on becoming a trauma-informed school for students and staff. As a collaboration with Rogue Community Health School Based Health Center (RCH SBHC), the project will employ a part-time staff member to work directly with the SBHC therapist and the school disciplinarian/interventionist. The staff member will deliver classroom presentations, provide support for struggling students and assist with the research and implementation of evidenced-based, trauma-informed practices.

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