Community Health Improvement Plan Grant Awards

Butte Falls Community-School Partnership

Project Name: Child and Youth Program
Amount: $35,941

High-Level Description: This application is submitted by the Butte Falls Community-School Partnership at the Landing (BFCSP) on behalf of the children, youth and families living in the Butte Falls region of Jackson County. The mission of the BFCSP is to promote Community Affiliation and Civic Responsibility for People of All Ages. As an essential community resource, the BFCSP sponsors a variety of programs that address identified community social and health related needs. Through this application process the board of directors is requesting support for our Child and Youth Program.


The purpose of the Child and Youth Program is to support the social, emotional and health related development of youth ages 3-17. The Child and Youth Program includes, but is not limited to a: Pre-School Program for ages 3-5; After-School Program for grades K-5 aged children; Pre-Teen activities for youth in grades 6-8; Teen Only activities for youth in grades 9-12; and community programs focused on parenting support, nutrition, information and referral and family activities.

Phoenix-Talent School District

Project Name: Healthy Connections
Amount: $46,860

High-Level Description: Starting fall of 2016 we would like to provide an after school intramural physical activity program at all three of our elementary schools. The details of the program are:

  • No Cost to Families
  • Free Transportation
  • 2 days per week for grades 3-5
  • 1 day per week for grades K-2
  • 1.5 hours per day
  • Provide a Healthy Snack with Nutrition Education

The program would be split into three (3) ten (10) week seasons (fall, winter, and spring). Each one of these seasons will provide different physical activity opportunities for students. This program will be run by a qualified intramural teacher at each building as well as one coordinator.

This program would also be coordinated with our high school sports teams as it provides an excellent opportunity to connect high school students with elementary school students. The high school students will be involved in the program by working with the intramural teacher to assist with students and serve as positive role models.

Rogue Valley Farm to School

Project Name: Digging Deeper
Amount: $49,270, 2 year project

High-Level Description: Rogue Valley Farm to School’s (RVF2S) Digging Deeper program provides students in-depth healthy living skills through hands-on learning in the classroom, school garden, and on local farms. Over the school year, participating classes will meet with RVF2S educators 12 times in the classroom, garden and farm to learn about producing and preparing healthy foods through the seasons. Lessons and activities will focus on learning about nutrition, physical activity, and mental health through the lens of local agriculture and food science. The Digging Deeper program is integrated into specific grade level studies and incorporates math, science and language arts while focusing on a connection to health on all levels: body, mind, community, and the environment. The depth of contact with students in the Digging Deeper program allows for project-based learning (PBL). PBL is a student-centered method of teaching that has been shown to result in positive and lasting lifestyle changes by engaging students in gaining knowledge and skills through an extended inquiry process that poses real-world problems and developing solutions. By working closely with the classroom teachers, Digging Deeper programing becomes integrated into the school culture and has the potential to continue in future years with less reliance on RVF2S.

Maslow Project

Project Name: Hispanic/Latino Homeless Youth & Family Services Pilot Project
Amount: $35,000

High-Level Description: Hispanic/Latino youth and families are among the most vulnerable population experiencing homelessness in Jackson County. Obstacles such as language barriers, fear of deportation, and high mobility prevent homeless Hispanic/Latino individuals from accessing the case management and wraparound services necessary to achieve positive health outcomes.

Maslow is requesting funding to support a bi-lingual, bi-cultural Case Manager, in effort to: 1) Increase the number of Hispanic/Latino homeless youth and families engaging in case management, 2) Increase connections to wraparound supports, and 3) Increase individual outcomes and decrease risk factors related to social determinants of health.

Maslow Project provides wraparound prevention services to homeless youth, ages 0-21, and their family members in Jackson County. Our nationally-recognized program promotes a youth-centered safety-net model, utilizing a “web” of supports that directly address the CHIP’s three strategic areas of Health Equity, Healthy Beginnings, and Healthy Living, including: providing basic needs resources, family advocacy, case management, counseling, and Positive Youth Development opportunities that promote social-emotional well-being. Maslow serves the full spectrum of homeless youth and families: infants & toddlers, school-aged students, out-of-school youth, and entire families. We deliver expedited services with minimal red tape: reducing the number of kids who are living in unstable situations.

Life Art

Project Name: Life Art Mentor Program
Amount: $30,000

High-Level Description: LIFE Art is a locally developed positive youth development program that uses the activity of making art (graffiti, mural, acrylic painting, poetry etc.) to strengthen social, emotional, behavioral, cognitive, and moral competencies in our youth affected by trauma. The primary mechanism of support is mentoring - both individual and group – embedded within a model of participatory leadership. Youth involved in Life Art receive individual and group mentoring, leadership opportunities, access to an youth arts based Drop-In Center, opportunities for leadership and community service and warm introductions with health partners to further services as needed. The program developed in response to 4 suicides of Jackson County adolescents in 2009 (3 of whom were Latino/bi-racial youth) and has grown to directly serve more than 200 at risk adolescents living in poverty who are primarily, but not exclusively, Latino. The proposed project, Life Art Mentoring Program, will support 2 part-time (.5 FTE) program mentors, and one .25 FTE youth mentor, to deliver individual and group skills/activity based interventions in schools as well as to serve youth through a Drop In Center and associated leadership and community service activities.

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